1, 2, 3 …… FLIP THIS HOUSE!!

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This is what I know about flipping a house….

1.) Every house has its own personality! One of the most valuable lessons I learned raising four children was that none of them were the same, the only constant I could count on was that I was their mom! From this lesson I learned to speak, teach and discipline them all differently. I urge the same of you, when remodeling a home. Treat it as an individual. If the home is a raised ranch or a colonial or split level it does not dictate to remodel it like every other raised ranch, colonial or split level you have redone or rebuilt in the past. THINK differently about floor plans, colors, lighting and baths. Look around at the surrounding homes on the street and the neighborhood and THINK about how an end user might “live” in the home. Spend some time in each one of the  rooms and resonate with the feel of the home. THEN make a plan!

2.) When you begin the renovation process the best way to look at the project is from the big picture. Looking at the big picture of my life has always helped me to get through challenging times. A Big picture outlook can be the difference between flow and efficiency versus struggle and delays. Start every project by imagining every room finished in its entirety. Take a pretend virtual tour of all the rooms starting from the entry, upstairs, downstairs, bathrooms, etc.,  and imagine the flow, the colors and the finishes of the hardware. AVOID thinking of one room at a time and purchasing supplies for that room prior to knowing what the other rooms will require. Keep a steady eye on the end product as a whole and remain disciplined about purchasing only the products that you have envisioned.  Most importantly, NEVER use materials left over from another job just to save a few dollars. You can avoid leftovers by not over purchasing stock and returning what you do not use immediately. Always design from the big picture and always stay focused on that vision. THEN just do it!!

3.) The outside should match the inside. Always consider the outside as part of your renovation. New Roof, New Siding, New Doors, New Windows, and New Patios are a boost in value and marketability.  Finally, whatever you do , DO NOT forget the landscaping. This would have been part of your big picture vision and should match the style and feel of the house. I used to purchase picture frames with out the matting up until I was given a gift of my wedding photo in a professionally matted frame, WOW, I never looked back from there. Just remember that small little square inside the beautiful frame makes all the difference to the significance of the photo and I promise, the landscaping and the outdoor attention to detail will make a difference to your project. DON’T forget it!


Written by Mo Greenberg

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