1, 2, 3…. FLIP THIS HOUSE !!!

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1…… Patience, Patience, Patience. One thing I know is that you need to be patient about finding the “right” deal. I am definitely a person that sees the glass half full, or heck, if you ask people who know me, they will tell you that my cup overflows. That being said, even when you are picking blueberries in the middle …


1, 2, 3 …… FLIP THIS HOUSE!!

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  This is what I know about flipping a house…. 1.) Every house has its own personality! One of the most valuable lessons I learned raising four children was that none of them were the same, the only constant I could count on was that I was their mom! From this lesson I learned to speak, teach and discipline them …


Staging v. Not Staging

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As a Real Estate Broker and Investor; Hands down Staging is a must. My advise is to find a great staging company, one that has the inventory and style that suits your needs. For example, staging a home in the beach area with beach decor makes sense. Staging a home in the country with the same beach decor does not …


Keeping It Real…                          Prepping To Stand Out In The Spring Market  

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  The Spring real estate market is just around the corner. Potential buyers will schedule more showings and generate more sales than any other time of year – generally. In anticipation, “For Sale” signs are already on the rise, meaning tougher competition for those buyers. To sell quickly, at the best possible price, your home must stand out in a …


Wishing You A Perfectly Imperfect Thanksgiving

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This Thursday, I don’t expect to cook the perfect turkey or set the perfect table. I don’t expect my children not to bicker or my husband to telepathically know when I need help. My folded napkins won’t look like turkeys and the smoke detector will go off at least twice. My day will be as full of “glitches” as my …

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Keeping it Real…..Think Twice About These 2nd Opinions

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Before buying a home, the biggest decisions I had made were (1) choosing where to go to college (2) accepting a real job offer and (3) saying “yes” to a marriage proposal. Buying a home was scarier than any of those.   As naïve young 20-somethings, my husband and I thought we’d see 5 or 6 houses, fall in love …


Keeping It Real… Big Lessons from Small Spaces

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Have you seen any of those HGTV shows about tiny houses? I don’t mean small houses… I mean those garden shed-like structures that measure under 300 square feet – the rural counterparts to micro-apartments. “Tiny House Hunters” stops me in my channel-surfing tracks every time. I understand the philosophy. With no mortgage and minimal home maintenance, occupants have more time …


Keeping It Real…Moving On Up

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Keeping It Real… Moving On Up Connecticut’s “Gold Coast” – a stretch of affluent towns hugging the lower Fairfield County coastline. Sailboats bobbing beyond a sandy beach. Quiet country lanes winding past manicured lawns, stone walls and white picket fences. Kids in the backseat playing a game of “Who Do You Think Lives There?” That’s what I think of. The …

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Avoiding Home Buyer’s Remorse

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Avoiding Home Buyer’s Remorse By Brendon DeSimone on 1 Jun 2016 Home shopping can be an intense, emotional process. Here’s how to make sure you don’t get caught up in it. Ever bought something special and later realized you didn’t need it or like it after all? Usually, returning it is as simple as boxing it back up, locating the …