About Us

Boutique firm Servicing the Connecticut Market

HOUSE Real Estate is a boutique firm concentrating on the Sale and Purchase of Real Estate. We specialize in the “Flip” market by using cutting edge technology and marketing tools. At HOUSE Real Estate we have hand picked a team of professionals that will consistently deliver high driven results and continued success rates. Our goal is your success. HOUSE real estate has mastered the art of flipping and the speculation of real estate. The principal Broker, with over 20 years experience in up and down markets has developed systematic plans of purchasing property for the right price, rehab and design, selling prior to market, projected value and list time. Because HOUSE agents have had personal experience of flipping and investing in real estate this firm has developed trade secrets that they are ready to share to support successful investors like you!.
At HOUSE we provide strategic packages for our investors targetted to their specific needs. The plans range from full to limited marketing and professional services all the way to obtaining your real estate license and managing your own listings. House Real Estate
Our investors are matched with seasoned agents in targeted areas that provide you with local knowledge of market values. Custom and detailed comparative market analysis are prepared specific to the projects. Spread sheets and cost analysis are shared and suggested for use to prepare investors for returns. As a client of HOUSE Real Estate you will become a lifetime member of our trade secret services of how and where to prospect property and how to use the bank and auction websites. As clients, you will forever have access to our technology, information, staff and partnering professionals, not just during the time of buying and selling your real estate investments. Every agent at HOUSE is here to assist your every investment need. HOUSE clients will benefit by our monthly promotions to help maintain, preserve and better their investment experience. Our staff and professional affiliates will provide you with everything from legal consultations, home staging, photography, home warranties, insurance services, finance services, banking and appraisals. All of these services are professionals trained to add dollars to your bottom line.

Here at HOUSE we pride ourselves on knowing that our commitment to you does not end at the closing table. Our goal is team oriented with the slogan in mind.. “Coming together is the beginning. Staying together is the progress. Working together is the Success!”