Keeping It Real… April Showers Bring May Flowers

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Keeping It Real…

April Showers Bring May Flowers



What April showers should bring, is house hunters. So grab you umbrellas and boots, people…you’re not going to melt.

Spring is in the air and the real estate market is heating up with warm, sunny days ideal for checking out neighborhoods, exploring backyards and imagining where you’ll plant that vegetable garden.

But in New England, the spring and early summer can bring heavy rains too. These soggy days are the perfect time to check out potential homes!

Do you want to know if that water stain on the ceiling is old damage or an active leak? Are you curious about the condition of the roof or windows? Wondering whether that sump pump in the basement is a necessity or just a precaution?

And what about the yard? Cleared trees and nearby construction are just a couple of the factors that can change the landscape of surrounding properties. The last thing a homeowner wants to find out is that their new home is being worked into the town’s new wetlands map. Bye, bye swimming pool plans.

A rainy day visit is, by no means, a substitute for a thorough home inspection – which you will pay for after you make an offer. When Mother Nature offers a free preview day, why not take advantage?

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