1, 2, 3…. FLIP THIS HOUSE !!!

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Patience, Patience, Patience. One thing I know is that you need to be patient about finding the “right” deal. I am definitely a person that sees the glass half full, or heck, if you ask people who know me, they will tell you that my cup overflows. That being said, even when you are picking blueberries in the middle of blueberry season you must take your time and look for that “perfect” blueberry. Some homes may seem like a great flip opportunity, but I suggest you compose a list of qualifying questions for yourself. Does it have the ability to transform into an open floor plan? Is it in the right location? Does it offer at least 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths? Does it have a basement or Garage? These are a few questions on my checklist and I advise that you add them to your list as well. The answers can be the difference between value and marketability. So stay strong and stay patient. If the project answers “No” to any of your must haves on your check list. WALK AWAY!!!


In the book of Genesis, God said, let there be light, and there was light! This is the first creation of God and should be your first priority as well. Lighting is hands down, the most important characteristic of the home. There are two categories of light. First, natural light, second, artifical of cosmetic lighting. Recently, my contractor suggested removing a window from the kitchen to obtain more cabinets. This was a big NO for me. The more natural light in a home, the more space. Light offers the feel of more space, period. Always try to break down walls and install windows or doors with glass anywhere possible. Moreover, where there are dark corners or uninviting space add light. RECESS lighting is your friend, my advice, as a rule,install equally proportioned cans in all public rooms. Just as the MOST important ingredient on any cake is the icing, so are your fixtures, which in the case of lighting are the chandeliers, pendents and vanity lights. DO NOT skimp, go back to your design guide, stick to the central theme and take the time and patience to choose the lighting best fitting and most stylish for the home. NO ONE WANTS A CAKE WITHOUT BEAUTIFUL FROSTING!


Flooring; first impressions stick!! When you walk into a home the first thing you do is put your foot down- this can translate to a first impression of the home. Everyone loves hardwood floors. It is the most durable and cleanest look. It is TIMELESS, meaning the hardwood floor has never gone out of style. However, the stain of the hardwood floor can date the home. The whole idea of the flip is for the end user to feel as though they have purchased NEW. Just like you never get a second chance at a first impression, same with the choice of the floor color. Make sure you choose the right one because it is much too expensive to re-refinish the whole house. My advise is to check out the new construction being built in the neighborhood and then mimic the stain colors of the most popular and best selling homes. The jamacianbean – a very dark stain- has been very popular and seems to appeal to the new buyer. Most recently, I have been seeing a new stain, a grey mix that seems to be trending, especially at the beach. Go and see what is popular but I do not suggest that you become a trend setter when you are flipping a home. Why?? Because your goal is to SELL IT FAST!!

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